Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why Skip the ACN Opportunity?

Most people make a huge mistake when they start in the ACN business. Will you make the same mistake? Get the facts. Learn the truth. Read this carefully before making a decision.....I think your eyes will be opened.

I have heard more than a few people tell me how great it is to sell ACN Communications and the ACN business opportunity. I usually get a funny look when I ask them......compared to what? When you read the following, you may skip the ACN business.

Don't get me wrong. ACN is a great company and you can make quite a bit of money by selling ACN telecommunication services, the ACN video phone, and recruiting others into the ACN business opportunity.

The problem is you only get paid when people buy ACN products and services. If nobody buys ACN, you don't get paid. If you don't recruit anyone into the ACN business, you don't make any money. Right?

Here's an idea. What if you could get paid when nobody bought anything? What if you could make money giving away FREE ACN communication services? I am going to explain an opportunity to get paid for giving away a FREE product. Better than that, you will make a small fortune when people use that free product. And they will use it over and over and over again.

Don't miss this. I get paid when people buy nothing. I get paid when people tell me "No thanks, I don't want to get in that." I get paid every time I give away a FREE web application. Better, I earn money over and over when people use this download they got for FREE. You see, I get paid when people buy online. It doesn't matter what they buy......I get paid when they buy.

After checking out this opportunity, you will find out that you can make more money faster giving away this FREE web app than in the ACN business. If you are not persuaded, and are still committed to ACN, I will show you a 3-minute video which explains how giving away this FREE web app can help you promote your ACN business and build it even faster.

The free web application is FREE GENIE ONLINE. It was recently featured on CNN and will save you a fortune on your online shopping. After the one-time 30-second download, just type in the product you are searching for into any search engine and FREE GENIE ONLINE instantly finds the lowest and best price possible.

This online shopping tool is 100% free and contains no adware, spyware, malware or anything else that interferes with the operation of your computer or your privacy.
Click here to watch the CNN video.

To get your FREE web app and save a fortune on your internet shopping, go to:http://www.freegenieonline.com/

This free web app works seamlessly with Google, Yahoo, Bing or any major search engine. We're not changing anyone's current shopping or buying habits. The user saves time and money on whatever they were going to buy anyway!

So why are we giving away such a valuable online shopping tool for free?

Simple. When somebody buys a product (using your free web app) from one of our affiliate retailers, you will earn an affiliate commission. Our partners now include Amazon, Costco, Walmart, eBay, Overstock.com, Buy.com, with more to follow. It doesn't matter what they buy. Your cash register rings when they buy.

It actually rings when they just shop. Hundreds of online merchants offer pay-per-click cash for bringing traffic to their online stores. This free web app instantly searches every one of them, saving the user a ton of time and money.

When we bring shoppers to these online stores, they pay for those clicks!

It's truly win-win. The shopper uses this FREE TOOL to instantly find the lowest price on anything. The online store gets the precious internet traffic (customers and sales). And I'll make a couple of bucks a month on the pay-per-click income from these stores for giving away this free web app which brings them the traffic!

It can be tomorrow, next month, or next Christmas. When these customers buy, or just even click, affiliated retailers and Pay-Per-Click partners send me money. Does it work that way with ACN?

How many people do you know that shop and search online? How many of those would use a FREE TOOL to save hundreds or even thousands a year on whatever they were going to buy anyway? Your income potential giving away this free shopping tool is a couple of bucks a month times that number of people.

Do you know how easy it is to give away something this valuable for FREE? With email, Twitter, FaceBook, Myspace, forums, chat rooms, blogs, etc can you see how simple it is to give away hundreds or thousands of these free web apps?

A couple of bucks a month multiplied by how many you can give away.......think about it.

How much does it cost to sign up to join ACN? Our software license which allows you to give away unlimited free web apps is only $599, one-time. Money won't be an obstacle at such a low cost to start an online business.

I'm kidding! The software license is only $199 with a $29 monthly charge to keep all your distributed web apps active and the monthly pay-per-click income coming in. That's right.....a couple hundred bucks for a license to get paid giving away a FREE online product!

OK, I'm done. Hopefully you're persuaded that there is more money to be made giving away this free web app than the ACN business opportunity.

If you don't have this free tool installed on your computer, you are overpaying for your online purchases. My family and I have saved money on too many items to count. From electronics to sporting goods and everything in between. Try it for youself! It won't be hard to give it away after you've saved some money.

Click here to watch the 3-minute video explaining all the details.

All the best. Enjoy the savings!